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Common useful terms
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By okboomermod
Abort: A mushroom that for some odd reason ceases to grow; never reaches maturity. Aborts can be of varying sizes. Common occurrence. See Pinning
Bag: The container of your kit.
Block: The mixture of substrate condensed together at the bottom of the kit
Bruising: The blue marks left on mushrooms containing psilocin when the are cut or squeezed.
Cap: The top part of a mushroom. Often conical or saucer-shaped, at least in the varieties generally discussed round here
Casing: A layer of water retentive materials applied to a substrate to encourage and enhance fruit body production.
Clean Room: A room with a low dust and no mold (that rules out bathrooms because they’re wet) 70% isopropyl alcohol is needed to help in a clean room
Cobweb Mold: A mold that is commonly seen on the casing soil. It is cobweb-like in appearance and first shows up in small scattered patches and then quickly runs over the entire surface of the casing soil.
Coir: A stiff coarse fiber from the outer husk of a coconut. Naturally antimicrobial and absorbs water.
Cold Shock: The practice of lowering the temperature of a kit to promote pinning.
Colonize: The process of the mushroom root network growing.
Contaminant: Something that contaminates. eg. Mold, Yeast, or Bacteria.
Desiccant: A water absorbing chemical salt, usually calcium or silica gel based (those little packets that say “do not eat” that are in a box of new shoes).
Flush: The term used in mushroom growing that means the same thing as “crop”.
Fruit or Fruiting Body: A mushroom. The part of the mushroom that grows above ground.
Gills: The tiny segments on the underside of the cap. This is where the spores come from.
Green Mold: Trichoderma, Contaminant
H2O2: 3% Hydrogen Peroxide from the drug store.
Harvesting: The time to pick the mushrooms, (usually when the veil breaks).
Inoculating: The process of introducing sterile spores or into a sterile culture.
Isopropyl: Commonly know as "rubbing alcohol". Used mostly to kill micro organisms in sterilization procedures.
Liquid Culture: A technique of germinating spores and growing out cloned mycelium for use in inoculation.
Magic Mushroom: A nomenclature used by goofballs to attract authoritarian trouble.
Misting: Spraying water to hydrate
Mycelium: The portion of the mushroom that grows underground. Plants have roots; mushrooms have mycelium. Mycelium networks can be huge. The largest living thing in the world is a single underground mycelium complex.
Organic: Any product consisting of, or derived from, a living thing that has been processed without the use of any chemical fertilizer, pesticides, or drugs

Pasteurization: A process by which bulk materials are partially sterilized by contact with live steam, hot water or dry heat at temperatures between 140- 160 degrees F for 1 to 1.5 hours
Phototropic: Grows toward Light
Pin, Primordia, Pinning: The first recognizable evidence of a mushroom fruitbody is soon to appear.
Psilocybin, Psilocin: An hallucinogenic organic compound found in some mushrooms.
Rhizomorphic: The strand or cord-like characteristics of healthy strong mycelium sections.
Sanitizing: In this context it refers to making sure the area you are working with is completely contamination free.
Spawn: Fully colonized substrate material used to inoculate other larger substrates.
Spores: What mushrooms have instead of seeds. Spores are so small they appear as dust.
Spore Print: A sterile piece of paper, aluminum foil, or glass that the spores of a mushroom cap have fallen onto.
Spore Syringe: The mixing up of a spore print with some water and storing in a syringe for later injection into substrate.
Stem: The stem, or stalk of a growing mushroom.
Sterilize: To make free from living microorganisms; usually with heat or a chemical treatment.
Stipe: The stem of a mushroom.
Strain: A race of individuals within a species. This is the race of a mushroom within a species. For example: Psilocybe Cubensis = Species. Golden Teacher, PES, Albino Penis Envy = Race. Just like how Human = Species. Asian, African, Caucasian = Race.
Substrate: This the material on which mushrooms grow in your kit. This is what the block is made of.
Tent: The top portion of your kit once you have cut the bag as described in the steps.
Tub: The bottom portion of your kit once you have cut the bag as described in the steps.
Veil: A turtleneck looking covering that covers the gills and the top of the stem. As the mushroom grows larger, the cap spreads and the edges tear away, often leaving a very thin veil of material hanging from the stem.